Issuing this remittance transfer means accepting the regulations of the sales and accommodation reservation system of the country's tourism centers and the accommodation center designated by the guest.

Hotel terms and conditions and room reservation:

*Reservations without payment and reservation identification code are not valid (providing the voucher upon entering the hotel is required)

* Issuing this transfer (booking) means accepting the regulations of the sales and accommodation reservation system of the country's tourism centers and the accommodation center designated by the guest.

* The reservation will be confirmed after the full payment, the deposit to the account or the failure to notify after the deposit or the problems of the banking system in the online payment so that the money has not been deposited to the account of this hotel will not be considered as a definite reservation.

* The delivery time of accommodation centers (entry) is 14:00 and evacuation (exit) is 12:00 noon

* It is mandatory for guests and companions to carry a photo identification card and national card during their arrival and stay and observe Islamic customs in accommodation centers. Personal, university or library or administrative cards are not considered as proof of identity (in case of mismatched specifications and lack of identification documents). , the passenger must go to the Public Places Department of the Police Force for confirmation)

* Guests who have a contract with them must present a photo ID and national card of the parties for admission (otherwise, it is mandatory to go to the Police Department)

* It is forbidden to take companions to the room according to the order of the police premises administration.

* Smoking is prohibited in all rooms.

* It is forbidden to carry picnic gas, cooking lights, hookahs, etc. in accommodation centers and rooms.

* In case of changing the room rate by the hoteliers union of the province or the cultural heritage and tourism organization, the guest must pay the difference between the old and new rates to the hotel account.

* The hotel will give the reserved room only to the guest whose information has been registered for the reservation and it is not possible to replace another person.

* The reservation cancellation fee will be deposited only to the account of the depositing person or company, and its time will be 3 to 4 working days from the date of cancellation.

* The hotel does not have any obligation regarding the neighboring rooms and placement on the same floor, and the room and floor number will be determined when the guest enters the hotel.

* Funds received from this storage as advance payment; It has been received on account that after the guest's presence at the accommodation center, based on the definite length of stay and other expenses incurred, according to the invoice issued at the relevant accommodation center, the final settlement will be made.

* It is forbidden to bring any food from outside into the room

* If this reservation is made by an intermediary, it is the responsibility of the intermediary to inform the guest of the conditions

* In case of request for the number of rooms or the number of more people at the time of arrival, the hotel will make a decision based on the availability and future reservations.


Reservation cancellation and reservation conditions:

* If the guests do not come to the hotel on the scheduled date, the reserved place will be kept empty for one night only and the remittance of the reserved place will be void from the next day.

* If the reserved room is canceled by the hotel or the offices of the reservation centers due to force majeure (natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes), the funds received will be returned to the passenger.

* The definiteness of the reservation and the reserved conditions will only be documented in the watcher (reservation confirmation) and conditions other than this will not be formalized. If the requested items are not mentioned in the reservation confirmation, follow up immediately.

In case of cancellation of the reservation during Nowruz, the total amount paid will be deducted

* If the room is canceled 3 days before the guest's arrival, 20% of the cost of one night's stay will be deducted for each room.

*Cancellation of the room 2 days before the guest's arrival, 30% of the cost of one night's stay will be deducted for each room, and less than 24 hours until the arrival date, 50% of one night's stay will be deducted.

* If the guest refuses to continue her stay for any reason after entering and staying, the cost of one night will be calculated for each room and deducted from the advance payment.

* The validity period of this reservation is from the date of issue until the first night of stay.

* Reservations for Eid Nowruz from March 28 to April 15 cannot be canceled and your reservation amount is non-refundable

In other cases, it will be applied according to the opinion of the hotel



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