Watch the beautiful gate of Bastam Palace Hotel

Qasr Bastam Hotel, located 6 kilometers northeast of Shahrood city, is considered to be one of the most pleasant and beautiful cities in Semnan province. Considering different expectations, this hotel offers different luxury services, and the design of this hotel using Contemporary and modern architecture has taken into account the tastes of all ages. This beautiful complex with a great location in seven floors and forty luxury rooms and suites has good amenities.Also, with the pleasant atmosphere of the French and Iranian restaurant, the traditional dining room and the coffee shop, it brings happy hours to your dear companions. This hotel is ready for reception with facilities such as a parking lot with a capacity of 300 cars, a conference hall, a sports club, and luxurious halls. Dear guests. In this hotel, all the expectations of a four-star hotel can be met in the best way. This feature has made all guests experience a comfortable and pleasant stay. We are glad to welcome you in Qasr Hotel We will be deeply happy.

Features and facilities of the room

Each room includes:

• Soft mattresses

• Soft and comfortable beds

• Bathroom and toilet

• Bath towel

• Bathroom mirrors

• Essential bathroom items

• LCD TV with excellent image resolution

• Electric kettle in the room

• Wall lamp above the beds

• Free tea

• Gym

Hotel rules

enter / exit

• Arrival at 14:00

• Departure at 12:00

Free features:

• Free breakfast buffet in the palace breakfast hall

• High-speed and unlimited internet in the lobby area

• Open parking


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